Welcome to the captivating world of my personal website! Immerse yourself in my resume through a little gem of a 2D game, the fruit of my passion and thirst for skill.
With a frontend built in JavaScript, an agile backend in Python, and a MySQL database, adventure awaits you.
Play the role of an intrepid character in search of the precious elements of my CV, while exploring playful challenges. This is the perfect opportunity to discover my career path while having fun.

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The video game :

The aim is to collect all my information by completing all the levels and worlds. Generally, a world contains 3 levels.
To complete a level, you have to collect all the elements in the time allowed without being killed by enemies. At the end of each world, a scoreboard appears, allowing you to compare your times with those of other players. So it's important to play fast!
The items to be retrieved are static objects completed with a text bubble, and the enemies are moving obstacles.
To help you, depending on the level, it's possible to activate an aid to reduce the speed of enemies.

Commands :

To start a world, click on its name. Then, on each transition page, simply click in the frame to move on.
On the computer, you can move around using your keyboard's arrow keys. On a phone or tablet, a dedicated control panel appears at the bottom.
During the game, you can pause, activate a helper and return to the choice of worlds by clicking on the buttons in the top right-hand corner. You can also press "p" to pause the game and "space" to reduce the speed of enemies.
At top left, you can see your lives, items collected and progress through each world. In the middle, you'll find the countdown timer.
Pausing the game will return you to this page.